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  A rare opportunity awaits bear hunters on the 1.6 million acre White Mountain Apache Reservation (also known as Fort Apache) in east central Arizona.

  When a person thinks of Arizona, they usually think of desert and not much else. But the huge tract of land that makes up the WMAR ranges from Ponderosa pine vegetation to above timberline alpine meadows.

  Because of the almost unbelievable amount of Oak (four different species) and other mast crops, the bear population here is incredible. In the Ninth Edition of the Boone and Crockett Book, six of the first twelve entries have come from a four county area in east central Arizona, including the #2 Boone and Crockett bear taken in 1985. The WMAR extends to all four of these counties.

  While it is impossible to guarantee everyone a Boone and Crockett bear, if a four county area has half of the first twelve entries from all of North America, where would YOU like to go bear hunting?

  We also have all the color phases of the Black Bear species. 70% of the bears harvested are something other than black (color phase), which range from brown to cinnamon to blond.

  Summit Guiding and Outfitting provides a high quality, low volume hunt with only 2-4 hunters in camp per week. Hunters have their choice of hunting over bait, hunting with hounds, or a combination of both, and may take two bears per calendar year. When a hunter books a two-bear hunt, he or she will be the only hunter in camp.

  No other area in North America offers this seclusion, skull size, color phase percentage, bait or hounds, and low volume atmosphere in a virtually bug free environment. On most days our hunting party never encounters anyone else.

  Hunters can fly into Albuquerque International Airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico. No secondary flight or car rental is required, as hunters are picked up and dropped off right at the airport.

  Bear licenses will be waiting for hunters when they arrive. Hunters also receive video and trophy still pictures of the hunt as part of the package.

  The added advantage of not having to leave the continental United States is just icing on the cake.